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Working in Southsea’s co-working studio: Port 57

At PubHack we’re really proud to be part of the Port 57 co-working studio, which is based in the heart of Southsea on the infamous Albert Road. Surrounded by some of the most creative people and companies in Portsmouth, Port 57 is full of small businesses and freelancers. We... Read More »

Top 5 ways Multicolour helps developers

1. Save time Multicolour is a REST API generator, it has one mission and that is to save time and be predictable. By defining database models, using almost any database tech you get a full create, read, update and delete REST API. 2. It’s flexible It remains flexible and stays... Read More »

IT, Software and Web Development focused jobs in the South Coast

We went to visit our sponsors Spectrum IT this month and were excited to talk to them about PubHack as well as their own experience in the recruitment sector. They’re a real friendly bunch who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to recruiting software & web... Read More »

Behind the Scenes at Novatech: Worry Free Computing

Novatech are computer specialists based in North Harbour, Portsmouth, and are one of our top sponsors for PubHack 4! Like you fellow hackers, Novatech are passionate about technology and are a great choice for anyone wanting to spec a PC for work, home or gaming. We took a trip... Read More »

Port 57 – Co-working studio in Portsmouth

If you’re a freelancer or small business in Portsmouth, tired of working from home or looking to get an office space, you might want to check out Port 57. One of our official sponsors for PubHack #4, Port 57 is a co-working studio on Albert Road, the creative heart... Read More »

Rusty Prop Brewery: Beer Done Properly

Yesterday we took a visit to our sponsors – Rusty Prop Brewery, to find out more about this brand new local micro brewery that started last year. We met with Si (above), who is one part of the beer making duo (also run by Steve), who started Rusty Prop last year. They started... Read More »

GoSquared – Real Time Analytics!

It’s really exciting to have GoSquared on board as one of our top sponsors for PubHack #3! They’re a London based company who have created this awesome software to help you monitor activity on your website in real time. Real Time Analytics for your websites We’ve been using GoSquared... Read More »

FreeAgent – Accounting for Freelancers & Small Businesses!

We’re delighted to have FreeAgent on board as one of our top sponsors for PubHack #3! We’ve been using FreeAgent for about 2 years now and absolutely love it. Perfect for freelancers & small businesses It takes the stress out of accounting and actually makes it enjoyable. Some of... Read More »

CatN; PHP & Cloud Hosting

CatN are one of our top sponsors, who not only are supporting us in running the event but are also entering a team to PubHack #3. You’ll get the chance to meet them and also compete against them in the 10 hour hackathon! PUBHACK #3 PERKS & PRIZES! For... Read More »

Good Audience; Powering Social Media

The guys at Good Audience are sponsoring Pubhack #3 which some really awesome prizes. We want to tell you a bit about them and how you could use them for your PubHack project! What’s up for grabs? They’re giving each attendee of PubHack a months free ‘Slow & Steady’ package,... Read More »

GitHub sponsoring PubHack prizes!

We’re really excited to have Github on board sponsoring Pubhack #3 not only with prizes, but Github’s own Andrew Nesbitt will be on the judging panel for the event. What’s up for grabs? So there are 6 award categories. The overall winner will get 1 years free Silver Account... Read More »

Trello; Project Management & Collaboration

Trello is a really awesome project management and collaboration tool that we’ve been using to organise PubHack as a team. We’re really chuffed that they have offered a Gold Package to each member of the overall winning team of PubHack. Why Trello is awesome… It’s just so visual and easy... Read More »

Egeniq: Smart Apps for Smart Devices

Egeniq are Sponsoring PubHack #3 Eqeniq make smart apps for smart devices, ranging from phone, tablet and web apps to wearables and game consoles. They build both the apps and the backends that power these apps. When they founded Egeniq 4 years ago they saw a growing need for... Read More »

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