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CatN; PHP & Cloud Hosting

CatN are one of our top sponsors, who not only are supporting us in running the event but are also entering a team to PubHack #3. You’ll get the chance to meet them and also compete against them in the 10 hour hackathon!


For all hackers getting involved, CatN are also offering 2 months FREE PHP hosting. Simply enter code (which will be handed out on the day) when signing up here. They will also be offering £500 hosting credit to the winning team of the hackathon!


Based in Aldershot, CatN are a fairly new company. They started back in 2010 and are a super friendly bunch who really know what they’re talking about, meet them all here. Being the cheapest UK based cloud hosting provider, it’s well worth checking out their products and seeing just exactly what they can do for your website. They specialise in selling simple yet high quality products at a low cost along with providing excellent support.


CatN offer PHP Hosting from £5 per month, which is designed to love WordPress; so ideal for agencies and freelancers. Their PHP Hosting offers; a dedicated IP and SSL to boost your Google ranking, opportunity to manage hundreds of sites on just one account and scalability meaning you only pay for what you use as your site grows. If you need help migrating your applications and websites to PHP Hosting, their team of specialised migration experts are on hand.


Using Red Hat and OpenStack, their Private Cloud hosting starts from £1000 a month and is highly secure and completely self serviced. They offer a scalable service so you can tailor it exactly how you want. Get a dedicated IP address along with unlimited, fully licensed RHEL licences for free as well as all the other benefits you expect with Private Cloud.


CatN specialise in delivering high quality services to startups, charity and e-commerce businesses as well as large enterprises and government/public sector. They have a growing community who are at the forefront of their brand. You can find out more through their website or have a chat to them at PubHack #3 to see how they can help! Alternatively send Sam, Community Manager, a quick email at

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