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Good Audience; Powering Social Media

The guys at Good Audience are sponsoring Pubhack #3 which some really awesome prizes. We want to tell you a bit about them and how you could use them for your PubHack project!

What’s up for grabs?

They’re giving each attendee of PubHack a months free ‘Slow & Steady’ package, which gives you 1 account and 5 campaigns. This means you can try out their services, as well as use it to plug & monitor your PubHack project throughout the event as well.

Each member of the The Overall Winners trophy will receive 1 years free on their ‘Running Like A Boss’ package, which is a prize worth over $4,500! You’ll be able to have 5 accounts and 7 campaigns as well as lots of other features!

Why Good Audience are so awesome

Good Audience allows you to build, track and analyse your social engagement. Their recommendation engine uses keywords that you’ve entered to find users that have an interest in you.

Their software also allows you to find relevant conversations that are happening that you could engage with.

Not only that, it will recommend content for you to post that your target audience are likely to engage with. Content like this can also be scheduled!

To top it off they have excellent analytics tools in place so you can track your progress and see how you’re doing.

Take a look at their features & pricing to see how it could work for you.

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