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Fun Time Sofa Catchy Game

Winners: Overall PubHack #2 Winners
Winners: Most Likely to Receive a Lawsuit

Team Twenty Plus One was made up by Karl March, Nathan Gaskin, Harry Walter and Jackson Willis. They designed and built a game that can be played either by using your mouse, or by using Leap Motion (which it was demoed with at PubHack) whereby you catch falling items.

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The game was actually based around Jo (PubHack organiser) whose laptop had recently fallen off her sofa and broken. During the game you can catch items such as laptops, phones, bottles of gin, wine and a ginger cat. You can also catch a mug with a heart on it to gain health points.

If you catch too many gin or wine bottles you go into drunk mode whereby everything is backwards, and if you generate enough points you go into Turbo Moad (which is pretty scary).

It is just one massive in joke but the judges still loved it as people really enjoyed playing it and made excellent use of technology and design.


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