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Oh no! There are no tickets left :(

Sorry about that! We might be releasing extra tickets towards the date depending on demand / sponsorship. If there are any drop outs, we will also have a reserve list for those who didn’t quite get a ticket in time. Read More »

How many people can be in a team?

Minimum of one, maximum of four. You can supply your team details on the day, just make sure you buy a ticket for each member who wants to take part. And remember to bring it to the event. Read More »

What does my ticket include?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a beer/soft drink provided by the Brewhouse & Kitchen. There will also be various free goodies from our lovely sponsors. A bargain for £20! Read More »

Will there be internet access & power supplies?

The pub has free wireless access through The Cloud. We do recommend you bring a tethering device or dongle as a backup just in case. There are also various power supplies throughout the pub to make sure your laptop has lots of juice! Read More »

What do I need to bring?

A laptop preferably, and any accessories you need. We won’t be supplying any computer equipment, but you may only need one per team depending on what your skills are. We recommend you also bring a tethering device or dongle for additional internet should we experience problems outside of our... Read More »

What’s the brief?

Nice try! We won’t be divulging that information until 9am on PubHack day. We can give you a clue though… it’s likely to be just one word, which you can interpret anyway you like. Read More »

Who can take part?

This event is suited to anyone in digital media, whether that’s web, app, graphic design, games… you can interpret digital how you like, we like to be surprised! Read More »

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