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Trello; Project Management & Collaboration

Trello is a really awesome project management and collaboration tool that we’ve been using to organise PubHack as a team. We’re really chuffed that they have offered a Gold Package to each member of the overall winning team of PubHack.

Why Trello is awesome…

It’s just so visual and easy to use! I use it for my client projects too and my clients really get on board with it.

You can drop and drag things around, and content is updated live in front of you so no need to refresh. You can set up notifications both to send you emails, and if you download the App you can get them straight to your phone. Whenever a new ‘card’ is added you are notified.

The good thing about it, is you can tailor each board to each project, meaning you can make it your own.

There’s a free package available so you can try it out right now if you want, which I highly recommend.

Prizes for PubHack

Each member of the The Overall Winners of PubHack #3 will receive a free Gold Account for a year, which is an awesome prize!

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