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Top 5 ways Multicolour helps developers

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1. Save time

Multicolour is a REST API generator, it has one mission and that is to save time and be predictable. By defining database models, using almost any database tech you get a full create, read, update and delete REST API.

2. It’s flexible

It remains flexible and stays out of your way, with plugins you can add OAuth support for all major services or JWT support in just a minute or two. You can also easily write your own plugins to make Multicolour do whatever you want, however you want.


3. It’s unobtrusive

It’s completely unobtrusive to your usual workflow, not opinionated in any way. You get a lot for free to do with what you will; like validation, debugging tools and it compares very competitively performance wise with hand built REST APIs.

4. Multiple Databases

You can use multiple databases, even if they’re different technologies concurrently within your app and between environments without changing a single line of code.

5. It’s free!

It’s free, open source and it always will be. There are big plans for it including replacing some parts to make it more flexible, automate more of your workflow and add more features. Until then, stability, security and trust are our mission!


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