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Behind the Scenes at Novatech: Worry Free Computing


Novatech are computer specialists based in North Harbour, Portsmouth, and are one of our top sponsors for PubHack 4! Like you fellow hackers, Novatech are passionate about technology and are a great choice for anyone wanting to spec a PC for work, home or gaming. We took a trip up there recently to meet with Dean Williams (IT Manager) who showed us behind the scenes of Portsmouth’s very own PC specialists.



During our visit we got to look around their  showroom, which includes plenty of PC setups for you to have a play with, as well as an Oculus Rift demo. If you’re interested in this tech and haven’t yet had a chance to have a go, head up there for a go yourself. They have plenty of experiences for you to try out.



Behind the showroom there’s a whole host of things going on. Their stock room is an Aladdin’s cave of computer hardware that you can buy same day in shop. I had a hard time keeping my wallet closed during our trip. Novatech also have their own production line system on-site allowing them to build all the machines that you buy from them directly rather than relying on shipping them from other countries. They also test every machine before it goes out so you know you are in safe hands.


They also offer a comprehensive, fully customisable service on their website that allows you to spec your dream machine which is then built for you, in house in Portsmouth. If you have something you specifically need and don’t even know what spec you want, the team there can help you spec it too. I asked them about creative industries and they can even help you build a machine to specific decibel ratings for studio usage too!

Their services are perfect for those wanting to spec their own gaming PC’s, or computers for specific tasks such as video editing or intense graphic based programmes. From spending time with the guys you get a real feel for their passion for tech and know that you’re in good hands. They aren’t just sales people, they are techies that love their tech too and really do care about the quality of what they provide.



Novatech doesn’t just supply to the end user either. They also work on B2B sales and supply loads of cool on-site services too. They have worked with local schools and have become their source of computer hardware as well as supplying them their very own technical staff to have on-site.

They can even build servers! Oh yes, its not just about the desktops and end users, Novatech have built and supplied servers and simulation services for lucrative defense contractors such as BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin. Sadly we couldn’t ask too much about this side of the business.

The whole idea of Worry Free Computing is very much part of the company and its obvious the staff really live and breath this too. With Novatech you really would be in good hands.


We’re really proud to be supported by such an awesome company. What really grabbed me, is that Novatech is local(Portchester) and we have this excellent computer company right on our door step. You really are in good hands with their staff who are as knowledgeable as they are friendly.

As a PubHack attendees you’ll be finding some lovely Novatech swag in your goody bags! Make sure you give them a tweet if you have any questions or want to get in touch!

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