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Egeniq: Smart Apps for Smart Devices

Egeniq are Sponsoring PubHack #3

Eqeniq make smart apps for smart devices, ranging from phone, tablet and web apps to wearables and game consoles. They build both the apps and the backends that power these apps.

When they founded Egeniq 4 years ago they saw a growing need for technical skills in the field of apps. Many app development companies out there were great at making simple apps, but when it came to performance, memory consumption, scalable backends and other technical challenges, there was a real knowledge gap in the industry.

Mdevcon & Endpoint Conferences

So they set out to not only build the apps but also pay attention to best practices and knowledge sharing. Egeniq organise a number of conferences (Mdevcon and Endpoint) and we support developer communities because we think communication between developers is crucial to the success of their industry. While many companies in the field compete for projects, they think cooperation rather than competition will help the industry as a whole forward, and that ultimately benefits every company out there.

Egeniq is not a traditional company.

They have no sales staff, no admin staff, a very flat structure and the managers are technical as well. Customers work with them because of our track record, not because a sales person sells them a story. We are 100% distributed (we have developers across the world from UK to Singapore) because they believe in a great work/life balance and we feel that developers only thrive when they are in charge of their own working times and aren’t burdened by daily commutes or relocation.

Opportunities to work with Egeniq

They are always looking for talented developers for Android, iOS, Windows & backends (PHP/Ruby). Please contact if you’re interested in joining the team.

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