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FreeAgent – Accounting for Freelancers & Small Businesses!

We’re delighted to have FreeAgent on board as one of our top sponsors for PubHack #3! We’ve been using FreeAgent for about 2 years now and absolutely love it.

Perfect for freelancers & small businesses

It takes the stress out of accounting and actually makes it enjoyable. Some of the features you can enjoy are:

  • Direct link to your bank account, so all transactions are automatically pulled in.
  • Invoices, Estimates, Expenses, Contacts, Payroll, Banking and VAT. All these features help you smoothly keep track of your accounts.
  • VAT & Tax – being UK based it’s great because FreeAgent will help take care of your VAT and Taxes. You get reminders on a timeline that let you know how much and when tax is due, so you know how much to put aside.
  • Cashflow – you get an overall view of your cashflow in their awesome dashboard (see below)



You can take a look at their full features here.

Sponsoring PubHack #3

We’re really pleased to have these guys on board, and they will be showering you with FreeAgent goodies on the day, which will be going into your swag bags!

Get 10% off now!

Sign up using our unique code and get 10% off your FreeAgent account:

FreeAgent Small Business Online Accounting

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