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GoSquared – Real Time Analytics!

It’s really exciting to have GoSquared on board as one of our top sponsors for PubHack #3! They’re a London based company who have created this awesome software to help you monitor activity on your website in real time.

Real Time Analytics for your websites

We’ve been using GoSquared for a couple of years now and find it really helpful in tracking activity on our website. Some of the features you can enjoy are:

  • Dashboard of what’s happening on your site right now
  • Daily reports of visitors, content and referrals. It also compares your activity compared to the previous week.
  • E-commerce tracking for your online shop
  • Social media integration: see whose posting what about your company.
  • See a full list of features here.


Try it for free!

With GoSquared you can get a 14 day free trial, so you can see for yourself the brilliant features it has to offer. Sign up now.

Have a chat at PubHack!

We’re also super delighted to let you know that GoSquared lead developer Simon Tabor will be attending PubHack #3 and will be sitting on the judging panel. He’ll be there throughout the day so please do have a chat about GoSquared!

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